Whenever you want to have a new garage door installed, make sure the job is done right. If you want to be sure that you will be able to safely use your garage, you’ll be able to as long as you depend on the technicians of Welby Garage Door Repair in Welby, CO. There are service professionals who will assure you that they can install any type of garage door but they lack the skills and qualifications to do so properly. Using the services of a qualified and respectful garage door service is important if you want to make sure the job is done right. It is just as important to rely on the services of someone who is quick to respond to your service requests because if they do not, chances are that you will go on using your garage; which is very dangerous. We are stressing the point that you take your time to select the service provider who will install and repair your garage door.

Sectional Panel Replacement

There are two types of garage doors install, manual and automatic. Here are some basic facts about the way we install your garage doors. In our experience, those who prefer a manual door usually do so because they believe that it affords them a greater amount of security.

Manual Door Installation

A manual door is the easiest to operate. You simply pull it up or down. While you do not see many manual doors these days, they still exist. However, just keep in mind that there are not as many choices in this type of door that are offered to you. Some manufacturers no longer make them available due to the lack of interest in their markets. If you need repairs made to your manual door, you’ll notice that the repairs are not as expensive as they are for an automatic garage door. The reason is that they have fewer parts. An automatic garage door has the ability to be broken into quickly than a manual door. You’ll usually need a key to get in and out, which can be less appealing to some people. On the other hand, those who choose to have a manual door installed do so for this reason. Without the right key to open the door, intruders are less likely to be able to gain access to the garage. The first thing that is installed are the door springs. After these are securely installed, the brackets will be attached and connected. If you are having torsion springs installed, they are inserted into the brackets. After measuring the length of the release of the spring, the screws can then be attached and tightened. Both drums are secured and the retainer and winding spring is attached. Springs are wound very tightly and therefore, only a qualified service technician should handle this type of job for you.

Automatic Door Installation

The automatic garage door is more complicated to install. It is heavier than most manual doors. It is heavier due to the type of cables and wires used in its design. Unlike the manual garage door, the automatic door has moving parts that need to be properly installed in order to work effectively. When these parts are incorrectly installed, they may cause you harm or can damage your car. The first thing that the technician will do when installing your garage door is attach the track to the drive unit. Mounting brackets are then attached to the track. The motor is then attached to the beam of the ceiling. The ceiling is the most appropriate place for it to be installed because of its weight. They will then attach the motor wires to the wall switch. Sensors for the door are installed to notify you of something blocking the beams or safety sensors. The last thing that will be done is the garage door opener will be connected to the door. Without the garage door opener, you’re unable to effectively open and close the door of your garage. This is truly something that should be left to in the hands of the trained professionals who have the qualifications and skills needed to install your garage door correctly. A qualified technician will know how to effectively install any type of automatic garage door.

Finding the right door for your home can become a little challenging if you do not know what to look for. You should always consult with the service provider prior to installation to ensure that you are making the right decision. Not only will you need to select the type of garage door to have installed, you’ll also need to find out which type of garage door opener will be best for you and your family needs. If the service that you choose isn’t willing to take the time to explain your options to you, like we are at Welby Garage Door Repair, you should consider calling on us instead. We will make sure that you know what all of the features are that will come with the garage door opener that you choose for your home.

There are some people who have been convinced that they can install their garage themselves. While this is a noble thing to do, it is also very dangerous to attempt without proper training. You’re training and experience makes it less likely that you will experience an incident whenever you are trying to install the garage door. It also gives you a better chance of having your garage door correctly installed. You shouldn’t take chances by hiring just anybody to install your garage door for you. It is the heaviest and likely the largest piece of equipment in your home. This means that it should be handled very carefully. With the variety of doors that are available to you today, we are certain that you’ll be able to find a garage door that suits your style and design preferences. Your garage door can alter the look of your entire home so choose wisely.


About Welby Garage Door Repair

"Although there are other garage door services in the area, many people still turn to the professional services of Welby Garage Door Repair. This is where they know they will receive quality services that prove efficient. We offer garage door repairs and installation. If you want a stylish new wooden door, we are able to offer this to you at Welby Garage Door Repair. When you have a family and you are looking for something that is practical and durable, perhaps we can install a new fiberglass garage door for you. Regardless of the type of door you would like for your home, we are able to provide it to you at Welby Garage Door Repair. It is extremely important that your garage door is properly installed if you are to avoid an unfortunate incident, which could cause it to fall down."

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