Your garage door is a vital part of your home. It guards one of the biggest rooms where some of your most needed (and expensive) items are stored. Yet, as important as our garage doors are, they are often taken for granted. We simply expect them to work every time we need them to. When they don’t, it’s nice to have access to a reliable and trustworthy garage door service that is both affordable and available whenever you need them, even if it’s after-hours.

It’s never a good time to have garage door problems!

Have you noticed? Garage doors seem to “act up” when we need them to work their best. You might have tried to leave for an important job interview but the garage door wouldn’t open. Or, you might be hosting guests for dinner and wind up embarrassed when your garage door almost falls down on them. It’s vital that you have access to a full service, licensed, bonded, and insured Welby, CO garage door repair crew that you can call upon whenever needed. While there are some minor repairs and adjustments that you can do yourself, a proper garage door repair expert is essential for safe and regular garage door performance, all year long.

Garage doors are not indestructible

We tend to think of our garage doors as so strong and so sturdy. After all, they are so big and made of metal or wood. Here at Welby Garage Door Repair we knowhow this is simply not the case. We see garage doors regularly that are damaged, broken, in disrepair or neglected. Many things can cause a garage door to need service. Age, use, poor or no maintenance, abuse, weather and lots more. Our Welby, CO winters often prove quite cold and our summer temperatures can hit the 100 degree mark. All this temperature fluctuation can take its toll on your garage door.

Aren’t all garage door repair services the same?

Well, they all do have one thing in common; they work on garage doors. Other than that, there can be a world of difference between one shop and another. You might not need garage door repair right now. You might need a new installation for a part you bought and don’t really have the time to connect. You might be interested in upgrading your opener unit and have questions about the different models. Maybe your garage door is making alarming sounds and you would like some free estimates or a free consultation as to how to fix it. You might have had a bad experience with a previous garage door service person that makes you hesitate to call upon another one.

On the other hand, you might need garage door service right now. Maybe your teenage child backed up into your door while learning how to drive. You might have come home to an already open garage door and need to have this problem fixed before it happens again. The answer to all of these issues is to have round the clock access to true garage door professionals. Follow our tips and you’ll soon have one that you can work with now and for years to come.

Poll your friends and co-workers

People love to give their opinions. If service was good or bad, they want to tell others. You might start by asking your co-workers, family members and friends what they do when they need garage door repair. If you hear a plethora of bad or good things about one company in particular; make a mental note of that shop.

Check Angie’s List and the BBB

Both of these firms are privately owned and are NOT government agencies. Both sell memberships and tend to favor their own paying members. On the other hand, if problems do arise, they WILL “spill the beans” on the company in question and you can find quite a bit of information on some firms by simply making a phone call or going online and looking at reports. A particular shop or company does NOT have to be a member to be legitimate but they shouldn’t have a lot of unresolved customer disputes or complaints on file. If they do, consider this a red flag and move on to the next one!

Make some calls

Whether you need a garage door repair service right now or not, it’s always smart to have a local Welby, CO company ready to come to your aid. The goal is to find at least one shop or company that meets your standards and add them to your smart phone contacts list. Don’t be afraid of using the phone – you are not selling anything as YOU are the potential client. Ask questions and get answers! If anyone seems hesitant to answer the phone or to give you a firm answer, move on to the next one.

Ask about credentials. Is the company licensed? Are they bonded and carry insurance? Do they offer emergency help and if so, when is it available? Do they give price quotes and are they free and without conditions? Do they sound eager and helpful or in a hurry to get you off of the phone? Is their work guaranteed? Do they offer any customer testimonials or referrals?

Don’t look for cheap!

No one wants to pay more than they have to but going the “discount” way can backfire on you. If someone says that they are not licensed or don’t carry insurance because they are passing the savings on to you – run! In most cases, they are not well established or they were disqualified for a licensed and you are risking the safety of your loved ones and the well-being of your garage door by using their services. This doesn’t mean that proper garage door repair can’t be affordable – it often is! You really CAN have your cake and eat it too – just call and ask around until you discover the right garage door repair shop that meets ALL of your criteria!


About Welby Garage Door Repair

"Although there are other garage door services in the area, many people still turn to the professional services of Welby Garage Door Repair. This is where they know they will receive quality services that prove efficient. We offer garage door repairs and installation. If you want a stylish new wooden door, we are able to offer this to you at Welby Garage Door Repair. When you have a family and you are looking for something that is practical and durable, perhaps we can install a new fiberglass garage door for you. Regardless of the type of door you would like for your home, we are able to provide it to you at Welby Garage Door Repair. It is extremely important that your garage door is properly installed if you are to avoid an unfortunate incident, which could cause it to fall down."

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