Garage Door Installation

Installing a new garage door is not as simple as just “hanging it into place” – all components must be in good working order and be connected correctly in order for your newly installed home or business garage door to work safely and reliably. Here at Welby Garage Door Repair we have successfully installed hundreds of garage doors and can do the same for you, too! Just call our shop and find out how; it’s easy, convenient and very affordable so don’t wait – call now!

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Q: What’s so complicated about garage door installation?

A: For starters, there are over 100 different components to your garage door. Each must be in working order and connected properly for your newly installed door to work safely and reliably. These parts include rollers, cables, tracks, pulleys, springs and many more! Here at Welby Garage Door Repair we successfully install these every day so our technicians have the experience and training to do a professional job for you.

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Welby Garage Door Repair can provide you with:

  • Industrial garage doors
  • Connection to cables, springs and tracks
  • New garage door selection assistance
  • Attachment to garage door opener unit
  • Commercial doors in steel, wood and aluminum
  • Selection assistance for your new garage door
  • Vast selection of garage doors to choose from
  • Residential garage doors in wood, aluminum and steel
  • Overhead garage doors and gates
  • Garage door options and upgrades
  • Fire doors and rolling doors

When Welby Garage Door Repair installs your new home or business garage door, you know it’s done right! Give us a call and we’ll put yours into place, too!

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